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Navigating The Path To Tax-Exempt Status With Haft Law Group

One of the first things you must do when establishing a nonprofit organization is to secure tax-exempt status for it. Taking this step offers two crucial benefits: it furthers your cause by maximizing your resources, and it encourages public and private financial support.

Attorney Scott Haft, managing member of Haft Law Group, understands how to guide nonprofit founders in Florida, Colorado and Washington, D.C., through this process. He can help them determine whether their organization is eligible for tax-exempt status. If it is, he will help them take the proper steps to obtain it.

Making The Right Choice For Your Organization

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has two applications for nonprofit owners seeking tax-exempt status. One is comprehensive and can be used by all nonprofit organizations. The other is geared toward smaller nonprofits.

Depending on your nonprofit’s mission, structure, activities and policies, one of these options will likely be the better fit. However, choosing the correct designation can be difficult, with ramifications that can hinder the work your organization is able to do. Haft Law Group helps organizations navigate this difficult decision with confidence.

Is Your Nonprofit Eligible For Tax-Exempt Status?

The IRS often recognizes the following types of nonprofit organizations as tax-exempt:

  • Charitable organizations
  • Political organizations
  • Private foundations
  • Religious organizations

Some other types of nonprofits, including social and civic organizations, may qualify as exempt as well. Whether they do will depend on requirements that an attorney can help you understand.

Understand Your Options With Haft Law Group

As a nonprofit owner, applying for tax-exempt status is one of the most difficult yet important steps you can take to ensure your organization’s financial health. Because this is a complex endeavor, it is best undertaken with a lawyer’s help.

Haft Law Group provides consultations to all clients. Call or contact Scott online to learn how he can help you and your organization.