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Experienced Real Estate Attorney

For anyone involved, a real estate dispute can be costly and time-consuming. Losing a claim – whether you are on the offensive or are defending against a legal claim – can be catastrophic for an individual or business. When a real estate dispute arises, it is critical to have an experienced real estate lawyer who can provide exceptional counsel and advocacy to protect your interests.

At Haft Law Group in West Palm Beach, we represent businesses, individuals, developers and various lending institutions in all types of Florida real estate disputes. Our lead attorney, Scott R. Haft, has more than a decade of experience handling complex real estate issues that require legal experience and knowledge of the real estate industry.

We Can Handle Your Issue

Our firm focuses on the most complex real estate disputes and litigation matters, including:

  • Construction claims, such as latent defect disputes, breach of contract and fraud
  • Misrepresentation in purchase and sale contracts and lease agreements
  • Recission of contract when a party enters into a real estate agreement due to coercion, duress or fraudulent misrepresentation of the facts
  • Property insurance disputes, including fraudulent claims and bad faith denials of legitimate claims
  • Property tax assessments

In Florida, it is important to recognize that Sellers of their home have a duty to disclose known latent defects. The Florida Supreme Court in Johnson v. Davis established this legal standard and Attorney Haft has taken these types of cases to trial.

In most cases, we are able to represent either party. We can represent the property owner or the construction company in a construction dispute, the lessor or lessee in a lease agreement, the insurance company or the insurance policyholder in an insurance claim, et cetera.

Contact An Experienced Lawyer

Real estate represents a significant financial risk for everyone involved. We focus on getting favorable results as efficiently as possible to protect your legal rights and your financial interests. Call us at 561-781-8984 or contact us online.