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Certified Mediator Serving Individuals And Businesses

Attorney Scott R. Haft is a Circuit Civil Certified Mediator in the State of Florida. He offers Zoom / Microsoft Teams virtual mediations throughout Florida specifically for complex business and real estate litigation matters at an hourly rate of $325.

For most individuals and businesses, traditional litigation is something to avoid if possible. Even in cases that you win, the costs, the time spent, and the stress involved in such an ongoing contentious process can be far too costly to be worth it. Even in cases when attorney fees are awarded to the winner, there is still the peripheral costs. Mediation provides a more efficient and effective dispute resolution process.

At Haft Law Group, we provide mediation services throughout the state of Florida. Mr. Haft has been certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a circuit civil mediator. With his vast experience in  business and real estate litigation matters,  he will help the parties resolve their disputes through mediation.

The Mediation Process

We help clients through the entire process of mediation, which includes:

  • Entering into the mediation: Mediation can be freely chosen by the parties in a dispute or it can be ordered by the court in cases that are already in the litigation process.
  • The mediation session: A mediation session involves the two parties and the person facilitating the mediation (often called a “neutral” or “the mediator”). Each of the disputing parties is also legally allowed and encouraged to have an attorney with them to represent their interests during the mediation. The process does not proceed like a court case, with evidence and contentious arguments. It is meant to be a more amicable, collaborative process in which the mediator helps both parties reach an agreed-upon resolution.

We handle mediation with professionalism and care. We leverage our knowledge of the legal landscape to help parties find resolution.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Mediation Needs

If you are facing a dispute and are considering mediation, you should talk with a lawyer who can explain the process. You can get in touch with us by phone (561-781-8984) or email.