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Florida Business Formation Attorney

Starting and owning a business can offer people challenges, opportunities and flexibility that they wouldn’t experience as an employee. Growing a business into a thriving enterprise is also extremely rewarding. This will not happen, though, without a strong foundation.

Attorney Scott Haft is here to help you build that foundation. Scott is a business owner himself, having founded Haft Law Group in 2015. He knows firsthand the difficulties entrepreneurs can face – and the rewards they can reap – and uses his experience to guide them toward choices that ensure their ventures succeed.

Different Types Of Business Structures

The two most common business structures are corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs). Both corporations and LLCs are owned by one or more parties and, in most instances, offer owners protection from personal legal liability. The similarities between the two, though, end there.

For one, corporations have a more complex business structure than LLCs, which can make them more suitable for large-scale endeavors. Furthermore, corporations are owned by shareholders, whereas LLCs are owned by members who each hold a percentage of interest in the company (members may have equal or different ownership percentages). And corporations have less flexible tax arrangements than LLCs since there are no specific tax classifications for the latter.

When corporations draft their documents properly at the onset of their formation, the entity can provide a shield against personal liability. However, improperly structured corporations may leave individual stakeholders at risk of personal liability. Sometimes, granting a minority interest in your newly-created corporation or LLC to another corporate entity can  shield members or stakeholders from personal liability.

While corporations and LLCs represent the bulk of businesses, other business structures exist, including cooperatives, partnerships and sole proprietorships. With an attorney’s assistance, you can determine which structure is right for your new venture.

Essential Documents For Business Formation

Documents are arguably the least fun aspect of business formation, yet one of the most essential. Entrepreneurs may feel overwhelmed by all the paperwork they must draft and sign, which may include:

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Articles of organization
  • Board meeting minutes
  • Board resolutions
  • Business name reservations
  • Bylaws
  • Partnership agreements
  • Shareholder buy-sell agreements
  • Stock certificates

Some of these documents are specific to corporations, others are specific to LLCs, yet most are essential for both. A lawyer can help you determine which ones you need to draft.

Get Business Formation Guidance Today

As exciting as starting a business can be, entrepreneurs must be careful to set theirs up correctly and draft the necessary documents for success. At Haft Law Group, Scott can assist clients with both matters and can better help them understand their options during a consultation. Book yours by sending him an email.