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Experienced Probate Litigation Attorney

Probate almost never goes through as smoothly as most people expect. The process is fraught with potential mistakes, disputes, lawsuits and legal sanctions. Whether you are a potential beneficiary, an estate administrator or any other interested party, make sure you work with an experienced lawyer throughout the probate process.

At Haft Law Group in West Palm Beach, you will find an attorney who has a wealth of experience handling all types of disputes that can arise in the probate process. Haft Law Group‘s reputation as a “go-to” firm for probate-related litigation has been built on our extensive experience representing individual and corporate fiduciaries, banks, beneficiaries, charitable organizations and creditors in cutting-edge, high-stakes matters in Florida.

A Full Range Of Probate Disputes

We represent clients in disputes involving:

  • Will contests: For a will to be valid, a number of factors need to be present. The testator (the person instituting the will) needs be of sound mind and must not be under any undue influence or coercion. There needs to be two witnesses to the signing of the will, and other legal factors need to be in place. A will contest seeks to render the will invalid by establishing that one or more of the necessary factors were not adequately met. In a will construction claim, there is no argument about the validity of the will itself, but rather about what the will means. In many cases, a will or other estate planning instrument is not entirely clear as to its intent, so litigation is needed to determine authoritatively what the instrument is trying to do.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty: An estate administrator or will executor is an agent, held to a high legal standard in executing his or her role. A breach claim sets out to show that the agent failed in their duty, either maliciously or negligently, during the administration of the estate.
  • Trust modifications and terminations: In some cases, potential beneficiaries or other interested parties can challenge a trust. A trust instrument can be ambiguous, illegal and invalid, or there can be other reasons to modify the terms of a trust or terminate the trust completely.

These are complex legal disputes with a lot at stake. Our legal team knows the nuances of probate law. We provide efficient resolution to probate disputes for our clients.

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Do not trust a probate dispute to an attorney who lacks experience. At Haft Law Group, we have earned a reputation for reliable, successful representation in probate disputes. Call us at 561-781-8984 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.