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Legal services in business, probate and real estate law must be efficient to be effective.
A West Palm Beach law firm providing innovative solutions to complex problems

What It MeansTo Be Value-Focused

A Pyrrhic victory is a win that costs too much to be a sign of progress. When you are looking for legal representation, you need someone who understands the difference between winning and achieving your goals. At Haft Law Group, the value you receive is always the top priority. A true victory is only possible if your situation is improved when the problem is resolved.

Business Litigation

Handling all aspects of business and commercial litigation

Probate Litigation

Representing commercial and private interests in will, trust and estate litigation

Real Estate Litigation

Representing individuals and businesses in commercial real estate acquisitions and litigation

What It MeansTo Be Relationship-Driven

Hiring outside counsel to handle a dispute can feel a bit like hiring a mercenary. The firm representing you likely could have represented the other side. Larger law firms often struggle to create a trusting partnership with their clients for this reason.

Working with Scott Haft of Haft Law Group, you will quickly realize the value of personalized service from a lawyer who is truly part of your team. You get all the benefits of large law firm experience and talent along with the individualized attention of a boutique firm. In addition to his extensive litigation experience, attorney Haft is a circuit civil certified mediator as well as a qualified arbitrator in the state of Florida.

Innovative SolutionsTo Complex Problems

Litigation often involves disputes that are complex. Experience and attention to detail are vital components to finding the most efficient resolution. They allow you to find innovative ways to achieve your goals with as little trouble and expense as possible. Haft Law Group aggressively seeks the best solution for a wide range of clients, including businesses, real estate developers, regional banks and individuals.

A Circuit Civil Certified Mediator In The State of FloridaScott R. Haft